The name of this organization shall be known as the International Morab Breeders’ Association (IMBATM), hereafter known as the Association.

Article II:  Objective

The objective of the Association is to promote the Morab horse breed and provide services including horse registration and educational opportunities to members to aid and assist their efforts in promoting and enjoying the breed.

Article IV:  Bylaws

The Association shall have the power to enact and adopt Bylaws for the proper administration of its affairs, but not inconsistent with the Constitution.

Article V:  Board of Directors

To carryout its purpose to the fullest extent and conduct its business, the Association shall have the power to create and elect a Board of Directors.  Their duties shall be more fully described in the Bylaws.

Article VI:  Fees

The Association shall have the power to establish and collect fees for its various services, including but not limited to membership and horse registration.

Article VII:  Amend the Constitution

The Association shall have the power to amend this Constitution by nomination of the Board of Directors and subsequent approval of its voting membership.

NOTE:  Articles of Incorporation established in 1987 also reference the purpose of this Association.